Sunday, April 5, 2015

'Bout Those Eggs

I'm all about those eggs, 'bout those eggs. All deviled!

I'm bringing eggy back.Go ahead & tell them skinny bitches Hey!

Thursday, April 2, 2015


'It's not about what you didn't feel, it's about what you didn't show.'  ~unknown

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Motown: The Musical Hits Denver

A scrum of adventure in the Denver surrounded me on opening night of Motown: The Musical.

Impeccable timing made for a flowing chain of fun events. I departed the Colorado light rail station and rode the mass transit fantastic down to the Convention Center. From there, pre show vittles were a necessity. There was an approximate 10.23 minute walk to Yard House on the 16th Street Mall.

Happy hour jubilee awaited with great appetizer and drink specials. Moo Shu Egg Rolls and vampire taco® deliciousness ensued.

Once the belly was full it was off to The Buell Theatre, where the line seemed overwhelming. Checking with the Will Call box office, I was instructed where to go to pick up the tickets. And to achieve this I was to maneuver through the line, pushing my way stealthily to the front to retrieve my ticket. I did this swiftly, much to the dismay of people in the line. Wow. Simple. Amazing. My journey through the line was quick and painless. This truly was a Yelp Elite event and I had zero problems with gaining access. I saw a few familiar faces as I waded through the lines of humanity.

The show was great. I have seen many musicals at DCPA. This ranks up there as one of the best. The production was fantastic and it was obvious the cast and crew has this show down to a science. From the acting to the dancing to the scene changes to the lighting to the music ... all was superb. The audience seemed to enjoy it, as there was singing along, vocal grunts of joy, clapping, whoops and hollers throughout the performance.

Overall the experience was super. The vocals were sometimes drowned out by the music but if anyone had even a small knowledge of the music that didn't matter one bit. Motown: The Musical was a delight and I am sure the production will do well here in Denver.

Mar 31 - Apr 19, 2015
The Buell Theatre